British Urban Film Festival 2016 open to submissions of films and scripts (submission fee)

Established in 2005, the British Urban Film Festival was initially formed to showcase urban independent cinema in the absence of any such state-sponsored activity in the UK.

Supported by a board which includes actors, journalists, film critics and filmmakers, BUFF stands out as the only festival of its kind with a triple offering of online, on-air and spectator platforms where filmmakers and scriptwriters are presented with the opportunity to have their work showcased to the largest audience reach possible.

The paid submissions process allows them to protect free attendance to the public for key festival events. Connections with broadcasters and distributors mean that BUFF can provide comprehensive PR strategies plus additional support for filmmakers and stakeholders who seek the profile needed to monetise their product.

As a publisher-broadcaster BUFF’s objective is to premiere a minimum of 25 films annually in the UK, celebrating difference and to champion, embrace, disrupt and accurately reflect the changing cultural mass and demographic make-up of the UK as expressed primarily through film.

What to submit:  Both film and script submissions are accepted.

Application fee:  There are two different submission rates – one for early bird submissions, one for late submissions.

Early bird submissions: £50 for a single entry, £75 for two entries.

Late submissions: £85 application fee

Under 24’s can submit for a reduced fee of £24.  However, you must send proof of ID to: Submission si unacceptable without ID.

How to apply:  Applications can be made online via their website.

Deadline:  Early Bird Deadline 27 May 2016; Late Deadline Monday 27 June 2016.

Source:  Talawa Newsletter

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