Bush Theatre seeking readers

The Bush Theatre seeks a number of critically minded, enthusiastic and opinionated BushGreen Readers to aid with their winter script submission process. This post will play a key role in evaluating the unsolicited scripts submitted by new writers and identifying potentially interesting work.

You would be working with a team of readers on a freelance basis for the Autumn/Winter submissions window. Your engagement would last until April 2015 or until all the scripts for this window have been read.

This search for new writing is part of why we have biannual unsolicited script submissions. It creates an opportunity for first time writers to have their scripts read and reported on. The BushGreen Readers play a major part in getting this work read and giving the writers a fair chance of creating a dialogue with the theatre.

How to apply:  You can download the Application Information and Equal Opportunities Pack from their website.

Deadline:  15 November 2013

Source:  Bushgreen Facebook Group

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