C21 Drama Script Competition (£10,000 Prize, $60 entrance fee)

C21 has announced The Drama Series Script Competition, produced in association with leading independent studio Entertainment One (eOne) and Creative England through their recently launched venture, designed to find the next big thing in international drama.

They are  looking for outstanding pilots for a one-hour drama series from fresh writers who have got what it takes to create a primetime drama series.

Winners will receive £10,000 development funding, time in a writers room on a current series and assistance in taking their drama project to series, with unprecedented access to the global television drama market.

The C21 Drama Script Competition is open for entries between August 20 and October 16 this year. The final round of the script competition will consist of a pitch presentation at the C21 Drama Summit in December.


C21 editor-in-chief and MD David Jenkinson said: “We hope this competition will uncover a new generation of talent and find new writers and projects that become global hits. eOne and Creative England are fantastic partners, and their support of this competition means there is a very real chance of the winners turning their scripts into successful drama series.

How apply:  Full information, guidelines and the online entry form can be found by clicking here.

Deadline:  16 October 2015

Source:  @KateScottWriter

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  1. You might want to add that there’s a $60 entrance fee, which is not mentioned on the webpage but hidden in the small print.

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