Call out for Writer/Dramaturg for Puppetry/Theatre Commission (£4000 commission)

The Imagine programme is commissioning a piece of theatre designed for an audience of older people in care homes. The show will be immersive, interactive and participatory and will include puppetry and music/movement.

The final outcome will be showcased within the intimate settings of up to 5 care homes on a mini tour in the summer of 2017 and ending with one mid-scale venue in Nottingham (to be confirmed in July – October 2017 – Spiegel tent in Old Market Square Nottingham).

Brief: The theme and title is ‘Recipe of Life’. The concept is to look at the ingredients that make up our life and then how we go about sharing aspects of our lives with others. Life could be described as ‘full of flavours’. Within the work it will be important to explore the sensory aspects of how this theatre piece will engage a wide audience. The show will be inclusive and accessible to older people living with dementia.

It is paramount that this theatre piece is co-produced with care home residents as key partners in the project. Therefore an initial period will be explored by a writer/dramaturg, working closely alongside puppetry experts within the care settings. This initial phase will begin to formulate a narrative or series of stories that will be scripted into a 40 minute/hour long piece of theatre.

A series of introductory workshops with several of the partner care homes will be set up over the Summer/Autumn 2016.

Fee: £4000

What to submit: Please see their website for full details before applying. Applicants are required to submit the following:

1.  CV

2. A proposal no more than 4 sides of A4 of how you would work with the residents and develop the piece:

  • Why you want to apply
  • The process
  • How you would engage care home residents
  • Storylines/themes
  • Style/approach (models of working)
  • How you would develop interactive/participatory/musical and sensory elements within the piece
  • Budget  – time allocated to planning, workshops and script writing
  • Any other information you wish to include
  • Examples of past work – links to online content (videos, images etc), websites, reviews etc

How to apply: Email applications to

Deadline: 22 August 2016

Source: Word of mouth

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