Callout: Tamasha Playwrights 2021/22 (mentoring and £500 bursary)

Tamasha is looking for their next cohort of new and emerging talent in the field of playwriting for their Tamasha Playwrights programme.

Tamasha Playwrights, founded by Artistic Director Fin Kennedy in 2014, is their flagship programme, a writer-led collective of emerging playwrights from global majority backgrounds. The programme has gone from strength to strength, with a strong track record of launching careers.

With Fin Kennedy stepping down as Tamasha’s Artistic Director, this year will be a little different as the group will be under the guidance of two incredible forces of nature: Iman Qureshi (THE FUNERAL DIRECTOR) and Satinder Chohan (MADE IN INDIA).

The aims of Tamasha Playwrights are:

  • to offer long-term career development in a supportive environment to emerging playwrights from culturally diverse backgrounds.
  • to develop, guide and shape playwrights in the art of theatre writing by offering craft-based sessions.
  • to further train playwrights on self-producing, fundraising, facilitation and project management.
  • to support and encourage members to be the creative leads on their own project ideas, and to empower them to make a living as artists in between play commissions.
  • to guide the writers in writing a new play idea and offering a showcase opportunity of this work to the wider theatre industry.


What you’ll get out of this programme

  • Mentoring and support through structured workshops/sessions every fortnight over the period of 10 months (starting this autumn)
  • A £500 bursary and allotted writing time
  • Dramaturgical support on a new script
  • The chance to be part of the 2021/22 Tamasha Playwrights scratch festival


How to apply

Please send the following to

  • An example of one full length script (no less than 40 pages and no more than 90 pages). Both un-produced and produced scripts are welcome.
  • A document with a bit of information about you and why you want to be on the programme. This can also be submitted in various other formats such as a video submission, voice recording, or presentation … really whatever you wish, as long as you tell Tamasha why this programme would be useful to you.
  • A completed Equal Opportunities Form


You do not need to have writing experience to apply.

We positively encourage applications from ethnically diverse backgrounds/those who identify as being part of the global majority due to the focus of the programme and the nature of Tamasha’s work within the industry.

If you have any questions concerning your application or if there is any way Tamasha can make the process more accessible to you, please email

Deadline: 6pm on Tuesday 31 August 2021

Source: direct contact

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