Cast Iron Theatre seeking scripts for short play night on the theme of ‘eleven’

Cast Iron Theatre‘s writing window is now open for their eleventh short play night in November.

They are looking for short plays (between 10 – 15mins) with a soft theme of ‘Eleven’ – interpret as you wish.

Preference will be given to playwrights from East Sussex although they will not exclude writers who reside in other locations.

Cast Iron Theatre are looking for are plays that are exciting, fresh and explore narratives which challenge the audience or make them see the ordinary in a different way. They get a lot of plays written for men. That’s fine but they have lots of fantastic female actors. As such, they are particularly interested in plays that allow for all those who identify as female to be cast in roles which are challenging and new. They are also particularly interested in writing and narratives from under-represented writers. While they believe writers must be free to write the stories they want to tell, they welcome plays which are as age/gender blind as possible.

Submission guidelines:

  • 1-4 characters. Ideally, less that 4.
  • Cast Iron Theatre only use adult actors for short play nights.
  • Scripts should be around ten minutes long. They’re prepared to be a bit relaxed about this, and have indeed accepted scripts that are shorter / longer, but ten minutes is an excellent guide.
  • Please consider carefully the relative restrictions both the small ‘black box’ space and that each play on a performance night will have a minute or so to get in / get out of their set!
  • You should avoid sets like tables, and too many chairs.
  • Avoid lots of props.
  • On a similar note, please remember that it is surprisingly difficult to have things like gunshots on stage – even having people make cups of tea on stage is often more trouble than it’s worth. Indeed try to avoid too much in the way of set and FX / LX at all. Think worst case scenario: can your script work by simply being performed on an empty stage?

How to apply: email your submission to

Deadline: 5 October 2018 at midnight

Source: BBC Writersroom

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