ChewBoy Productions: George Bailey on filming theatre shows

Our previous Literary Projects Manager, George Bailey, tells us about what he’s up to these days with his company, ChewBoy Prodcutions. ChewBoy Productions is an award-winning multi-arts production company specialising in theatre, film, digital and working with new voices and at the moment, a lot of their work is focused on filming theatre productions. 


“It’s weird writing this blog as the old Literary Projects Manager for London
Playwright’s Workshop, it almost feels like home in an odd digital way!
Looking back over the past few years, my career’s taken so many twists and
turns and I’m super grateful for everything LPW did for me in my time with
them. Nowadays, I’m still writing, and running my own company, ChewBoy
Productions – a multi-award-winning production house dedicated to supporting
early-career artists whilst also producing film.

These days, the main output of ChewBoy is supporting people to film their
theatre shows for them. We film the whole thing, edit trailers for marketing
purposes, cut together promotional content for their use, caption the digital
versions and even do production photography too!

Over our years producing theatre, we realised how necessary these things
were, particularly coming out of the pandemic, and realised not a lot of people
were doing it. Or at least, doing it for affordable prices, anyway. Without much
theatre to put out ourselves due to COVID, we decided to invest in cameras
and equipment instead, and 3 years later, we’re super proud of what we’ve

We still collaborate loads with LPW in film capacities, but also are working a
whole lot with The Pleasance (both London and Edinburgh), Chisenhale
Dance Space, Playing On, The Arcola and countless companies,
organisations, individuals and artists who’re putting on work. We absolutely
love what we do, and to collaborate with so many wonderful people truly is a

Filming shows creates an added layer of accessibility to theatre, too. It allows
it to be offered from the comfort of people’s homes, or on laptops, phones,
wherever! In an evergrowing digital age, the option to share theatre wider than
the four walls it originally sits in is a brilliant thing to be able to offer. We also
love taking the hard job of editing off of our collaborators hands, and from our
experience working in marketing for many years, know exactly what’ll make
great trailers and content.

We’re stepping into a new era of ChewBoy, with talks of potential premises,
widening our team even further and continuing to support people at low costs
to effectively digitise and immortalise their work.

Drop us an email on to be part of the digital
revolution, and collaborate with us to get your work filmed! (We’re pretty swell
people if we say so ourselves).

Big thank you to the LPW team for everything over the years, and we’re super
glad to be able to continue to collaborate with them too”.

All the love for now,
Georgie and Hal

ChewBoy will also be at Edinburgh this year so do give them a shout with any filming needs you might have. 

Find out more about ChewBoy on their website.

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