Co-Writer, Buried Thunder

Buried Thunder is looking for a female-identifying creative with lived experience of forced migration to co-write their latest project, a written adaptation of their first national tour, ‘Our Shore’.

This adaptation consists of a short (120-page) story about a young refugee finding herself on an unfamiliar shore:

Rocky cliffs sprouting green vegetation, violent waves crashing onto the pebbly beach underfoot, a lighthouse glowing in the distance… Instead of being met by the people of this new land, she is met by its weird and wonderful creatures, now lost to time. Breathing new life into Britain’s ancient folklore, ‘Our Shore’ follows Rkia in her fast-paced adventure of discovery, adrenaline and coming-to-terms with life in a new home.

Whilst the book is written in English, we are keen to hear from as wide a range of creatives as possible, and encourage those which may not be as confident in writing in English to apply anyway, as we can help with anything you might need!

This will be a PAID opportunity, with the fee based on CIEP minimum rates – £1,440 for one week’s work only.

In summary:

  • female-identifying creative to work on a short fiction book
  • with lived experience of forced migration

To apply, please send an excerpt of any of your writing to (no minimum length is required, but please do not send anything longer than a page of A4) and a couple of sentences about yourself, either in the email itself, or alongside the excerpt. Please include ‘OUR SHORE BOOK APP’ in the subject line of your email.

Due to the sensitive nature of this collaboration, we are also aware of any safeguarding or wellbeing requirements creatives might need whilst applying or indeed working with the company, and can discuss this at any time/way applicants see fit. Vouchers and in-kind support will be offered, or an agreement arranged depending on applicant’s right-to-work status.

PLEASE NOTE: The project and its time-frame is funding-dependent.

Deadline: 11 October 2022

Source: Arts Jobs

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