Core Team Member (Prose), The Writing Squad

The Writing Squad exists to create the next generation of writers in the North of England.

Every two years, we recruit 30 writers aged 16-21 who live, work or study in the region and offer them workshops and 1-1 support. From there, we continue to provide creative and professional development as they begin their careers.

We help them to establish themselves as individual artists, collectives, and companies, and to col- laborate with each other, forging a mutually supportive network. Crucially, we take Squad writers seriously as writers, artists, and activists – they just happen to be young.

We are looking for a freelance writer to work with us for roughly 35 days a year. You will be expected to have a knowledge of

– contemporary and historical practice in long and short form prose fiction and an awareness of creative non-fiction, auto-fiction and the essay

– the regional, national and international sector in your writing specialism
– development opportunities for writers in those sectors.
– the principles of equality, protection and sustainability and the ability to apply these in working with Squad writers, other employees and the public.

We are looking for a writer who is passionate about writers and new writing, excited to work with other artists, and can balance this with their own writing career.

We need writers who are self-motivating, independent and like working as part of a committed, creative, and flexible team.

We don’t teach, we are not a creative writing course, we work together as practicing writers and our support is holistic and flexible.

We have a strong vision and values, but we embrace change and look for Core Team members who will help shape the Squad of the future.

Full details can be downloaded here.

A large print version of the full details is available here.

Deadline: 20 September 2022

Source: Arts Jobs

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