Cyborphic & Talos Theatre Festival hosting a Conference & Workshop event

Cyborphic & Talos Theatre Festival is excited to be hosting a Conference & Workshop event for the last day of its 2020 festival, which is co-produced by the Cockpit theatre.
Talos Conference 2020 includes a workshop by Christos Callow Jr (lecturer in creative writing & artistic director of Talos) on writing & creating sci-fi theatre during lockdown, and is particularly aimed at playwrights but also theatremakers more broadly. The event also features talks by SF playwright Bella Poynton and theatremakers Marc Silberschatz & Jim Osman & screenings of sf performances created during lockdown.
Date: 8 November 2020

Platform: Zoom
Deadline: n/a but the event takes place on 8 November 2020
Source: direct contact

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