Dark Unicorn Productions Ltd – Radio Play/Audio Drama Submissions

Dark Unicorn Productions Ltd (UK) is seeking three audio scripts to fill gaps in a slate of 12 audio dramas (plus a Christmas special) to be released later this year in co-production with sound designers The Colour Noise, under the strand heading “Noisy Unicorn”.

Please ensure that you’ve read the details and conditions fully before submitting.

Submissions can be in any genre but must adhere to the following:

  • No less than 30 minutes and no more than 60 minutes in length
  • For no more than five actors (doubling up roles is permitted)
  • Must be for audio – no stage or TV scripts which require adaptation. If you wish to submit such, please ensure that before they request the full script, it has been formatted for audio. They do not have the resources to adapt and reformat work.
  • Must be original, or an adaptation of an out-of-copyright work. If you wish to have an adaptation of an in-copyright work considered, they must see proof that you have permission to adapt.
  • Not previously recorded for release.

They would also like these three scripts, between them, to have among them work which

  • Is a monologue or in some way specifically showcases a solo performer
  • Has subject matter of topical interest which can be appreciated globally
  • Foregrounds the lived experiences of people of colour, whether in the UK or elsewhere

Selected scripts will be optioned for 12 months for a nominal consideration and, when produced, will be offered for sale globally as digital downloads on either a play-by-play or series-pass basis. All authors will receive a 10% royalty from the gross sales of their work.

This is a tight turnaround project. Please do not make a submission if you do not have the script, already formatted for audio, ready to go at short notice.

If you wish to be considered, please send, at this stage, a signal of interest accompanied by ONLY the following information:

  • Title
  • Logline
  • Synopsis
  • Character breakdown (with doubling indicated where required)
  • Estimated running time
  • Writer’s CV (Optional)

DO NOT send full scripts at this stage. They will request the full script from those authors they wish to consider more closely.

To reiterate – submissions with full scripts attached, undeveloped ideas, or adaptation ideas for anything other than out-of-copyright work (except where detailed above) will not be considered. Submissions which are made with the expectation that they will adapt a script for stage or screen to an audio audience will also not be accepted.

Please make your submissions to submissions@darkunicorn.org

Deadline: 5pm UK time on Sunday February 27th 2022.

Source: BBC Writersroom

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