Dark Unicorn Productions Ltd – Radio Play/Audio Drama Submissions

Calling all Audio Drama writers!

Dark Unicorn Productions Ltd (UK-based) are currently planning their next few strands of online content as they work towards theatres viably reopening here in the UK and one area they are giving due consideration to, in collaboration with some friends of theirs is the radio play/audio drama.

If you have a script for audio performance that you would like to be considered, please carefully read the submission guidance below:

1) The script must be between 30 and 60 mins long.

2) The script must be in the English language.

3) The script must be your original work, written for audio, or have already been adapted from another form (for which you have verifiable copyright or copyright permission) for audio. They will not be conducting any adaptations on your behalf.

4) The script can be in any genre, though priority consideration will be given to those that do not require expensive sound effects etc.

5) The script must require no more than four (4) actors, although reasonable multi-roling will be considered, however, you must indicate which roles should pair with which.

6) All gender identities and none are welcome, both in terms of authorship and characters.

7) They welcome scripts by and depicting all expressions of humanity and actively welcome those which are authored by and/or hold up the voices of communities, identities, and social, ethnic and economic groups currently under-represented or in need of amplification and, to the limits of their physical and financial ability, they will seek to reflect this in their programming and casting.

8 ) If you feel you have a script which is ready to be presented, please email it to submissions@darkunicorn.org, NO LATER THAN 6PM GMT ON FRIDAY NOVEMBER 27 2020, making sure you have included a cover note with ALL the information below (and, if you wish, a resumé, though this is not essential):

  • Name (with preferred pronouns if you wish)
  • Contact email
  • Title and Genre of Script
  • Approximate Length of Script in Performance
  • Numbers of actors required and any multi-roling (please do not include casting restrictions – they will seek to find the best person for the role but cannot guarantee the availability of performers who meet your requirements).
  • Any accent requirements
  • Whether you wish to be included on their mailing list for future news and opportunities.
  • How much you will seek to charge (or what royalty you expect) for them licensing your work for recording and broadcast on their platforms, and whether that fee is negotiable.

Any submissions made after the deadline or failing to meet the information requirements above will be discarded.

Dark Unicorn will seek to offer a yes/no response to all those submitting, but are very short-handed and if they are deluged, this may not be possible and therefore it should be assumed that, if they have not responded in any form within six weeks of submission, they will, regrettably, not be proceeding with your work at this time. They are also unable to offer feedback or a reader’s report on your script.

Deadline:  27 November 2020

Source: BBC Writersroom

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