DCA Productions is calling all new/emerging writers

DCA Productions are a brand-new production company looking to create high quality theatre in intimate and small spaces. The team, Daniel Carlin, Amy Moore, and Craig L. Sullivan, currently work together at Head Office for the Ambassador Theatre Group and have decided to consolidate their experience. They are looking for new and emerging writers who would want to see their work produced in a professional setting in Wimbledon Studio in London in June 2020 for a one night only performance, with the potential for a week-long run in Autumn 2020.

What they are looking for?

  • 1 hour long (or so) stage play
  • 2-4 cast size
  • simple setting
  • ideally fast-paced and dynamic

How to apply?

Please email your script to: dcarlin2@outlook.com

In your email, please clearly state the play title and a brief synopsis. Mark the title of your email: Writer Submission 2020 – {Writer’s Name} – {Play Title}


Deadline: 24 January 2020


Source: Facebook PLAYWRITING UK



2 thoughts on “DCA Productions is calling all new/emerging writers”

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      It looks like you missed the deadline but it might be worth contacting the organisers directly to check out their stance on late submissions.
      Good luck!

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