Disabled Playwright Support Programme- Birds of Paradise Theatre Company & Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland

A career in the arts is not straightforward for anyone: disabled artists face an increased number of barriers, from starting out to working professionally. Created in partnership with Birds of Paradise Theatre Company (BOP), this programme offers a disabled playwright bespoke support, providing artistic development, financial support, skills sessions, and opportunities to widen their creative community.

The Disabled Playwright Support Programme is a professional development opportunity for a disabled* playwright living in Scotland, with a commitment to writing for theatre.

Financial Support

A £2,000 educational grant. This is roughly equivalent to 13 contact days with Playwrights’ Studio and BOP.

At the start of the programme and then at regular intervals, we will work with you to design support that gives you the space and time to experiment with your writing and grow in confidence as a playwright. This might include, but is not limited to:

  • one-to-one playwright mentoring sessions with an established professional playwright
  • sessions to discuss your writing, how you feel about it and how to further develop your work
  • meetings with external theatre professionals
  • a script development workshop with a professional director and actors
  • Skills Sessions-The skills sessions are group activities available to you as a playwright currently being supported by Playwrights’ Studio. They are designed to enhance your skills and knowledge of the theatre industry, give you the opportunity to ask questions and think about the other sides of being a playwright that don’t necessarily involve writing. These often take the form of workshops, Q&A’s and panel discussions.
  • Community-Playwrights’ Studio will create space for you to make connections with your peers within the industry. This includes the Playwright Induction Day, a group visit to the theatre, invitations to meet other practitioners in Scottish theatre and social events with other playwrights.

Key dates
Below is a rough timeline of group activity. We will work with you to set specific dates for the rest of your work with other people on your play.

14 January Playwright Induction Day
18 February Skills session 1
18 March Skills session 2
22 April Skills session 3
August/September Skills session 4


This award is open to anyone who identifies as disabled and meets the criteria for applying to the programme.

To be eligible to apply for the Disabled Playwright Support Programme, you should:

  • Have some experience of creative writing
  • Not yet have had a full professional production
  • Have a specific idea you want to develop into a full-length play
  • Be able to commit to an eight-month intense programme
  • You should also be- Resident in Scotland and available for the Playwright Induction Day on Friday 14 January 2022

Unfortunately, they are unable to accept applications from playwrights who:

  • Are in full-time formal education (i.e. 16 hours or more per week).
  • Have received support from Playwrights’ Studio in the previous 18 months (this doesn’t include attending workshops or groups run by us).

*A note on terminology – what do we mean by disabled?
They use the term ‘disabled people’ or ‘disabled playwright’ to refer to anyone who self-identifies as disabled. This can include D/deaf people if they identify as disabled as well as others living with impairments (physical, sensory, learning, cognitive, mental health, etc.) that identify as disabled. Playwrights’ Studio use the Social Model of Disability and recognise that some people experience disabling barriers.


Deadline: 13 October 2021 at 5pm 

Source: Write A Play 

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