Ditchling Museum seeking writer in residence (paid)

Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft is an award-winning museum in a picturesque Sussex village. It is currently showing a major exhibition entitled, Eric Gill: The Body, a thought provoking exhibition in which visitors are asked to consider whether their knowledge of Gill’s life impacts on their enjoyment of his depiction of the human figure. They would like a writer in resident to help them capture their visitor’s thoughts on this exhibition and the challenging questions it poses.

In their words: 

“The last two years the staff, trustees and our colleagues outside the institution have been engaged in a difficult and at times emotional process of deciding how we should present and interpret the work of Eric Gill – an artist central to our narrative and whose importance to art and design history in the UK and around the world is impossible to ignore, but whose diaries record that he sexually abused his daughters as well as other disturbing sexual acts”.

The museum is looking for a Writer in Residence to creatively capture and interpret visitor responses to the exhibition, and the difficult themes it addresses. The successful candidate can decide how they would like to capture visitor responses, and will also have access to visitor responses collected by Front of House staff and responses made on comment cards to questions posed by the museum.

“It is important for the museum to gather this feedback as it will also inform our future interpretation and programming of Gill’s work and the Writer will play a crucial role in creatively collecting visitor feedback to inform our future interpretation plans and exhibition strategy.”

Artist fee: £1750 + up to £1000 for the production of a creative outcome.

Interview date: 26 June 2017, at Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft.

How to apply: read the full brief here.

Deadline: 19 June 2017

Source: Arts Jobs

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