Doughnut Productions seeking short plays on the subject of being ‘Trapped’

Doughnut Productions are looking to hire writers for a new writing night that will be performed during the Camden Fringe 10 year celebration in August.

They will be using the Cockpit Theatre as our venue and we are looking for two writers to write a 20 minute play each that is based on the Subject of being Trapped.

If you are interested in putting yourself forward as a writer for this showcase please email:

“…and we will send you a short questionaire asking you about the play you would like to write, from there we will judge the entries and create a shortlist of playwrights to write their 20 minute play and once the plays have been submitted we will pick the winning two.

Please visit our website as we stage our productions in a very specific way.  We put our audience in the centre of the auditorum on swivel seats whilst the action happens around them, this creates a very realistic and intense form of theatre that our audiences really enjoy.

We have a show called Speaking in Tongues on at the Cockpit theatre on 1st and 2nd April.

Please come along and chat to us and experience the swivel seat format for yourself, please tell us what show you are coming to and we will make sure we speak to you afterwards.”

Application Deadline: Saturday 30th April

Play submission Deadline: Wednesday 1st June

Source: Arts Jobs

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