Drift Theatre seeking 3-10 minute pieces for ‘Drift Shop’

Drift Theatre is seeking submissions for their next ‘Drift Shop’ event on 25th October 2016.

The aim of Drift Shop is to provide feedback for writers who can attend the night itself and see how the audience reacts to their work. For this reason please only submit if you are able to be in London on the performance night.

What to submit: They are looking for pieces of new work that are 3-10 minutes long to form part of a diverse evening of emerging theatre talent. They encourage submissions from writers and directors across all styles and genres to present their work in development. They are interested in seeing both stand-alone short pieces and extracts from longer work.

They can match pieces of new writing with directors and actors, but this call for submissions is also open to small companies wishing to present work that they have devised together. In this instance, please attach a short accompanying paragraph about your company’s work and members.

How to apply: Send a PDF of a piece that is 3-10 minutes long to submissions@drifttheatre.com.  To find out more about them or their work, please email info@drifttheatre.com.

Deadline: 15 September 2016

Source: Direct contact

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