Dublin Pride Virtual Event accepting 60 second monologues or verses expressing acceptance

This is an invitation to create a piece of writing (monologue or verse) that expresses acceptance, celebration or the joy of speaking truth out loud for a Dublin Pride Virtual Event – Rainbow Poetry and Prose. Please send a 60 second MP4 video of yourself reading your writing using only your own original work, with no background music or added sound. The exact clip that is submitted will be added to a livestream and remain on YouTube as a charity fundraiser beyond the event.

Let your heart speak out and get ready to move a virtual audience with 60 seconds of monologue or poetry.  For this project LOVE is the overall message. Dramatic situations where love wins are very welcome.

Please feature a colour in your piece e.g. A green lights says go, a heather shimmer lipstick starts off a 90s night club out, a break up heals over a strawberry Opal fruit, a memory of a cherry in a shared Bellini is explored, a shared love of the colour Purple is discovered. Introduce the piece with a title and identify yourself as the author. At the end of your reading please share a word you would use to describe your piece.

Feel free to dress as conservatively or creatively as you wish but please avoid wearing brand logos.  A single prop to highlight the setting of your piece is useful.  If it would work, please add in the colour featured in your story via accessory, prop or clothing item.

The clip that you send in will be used in a compilation to be live-streamed as part of Dublin Pride events, before the virtual Parade, and will remain on YouTube after the event.  There is no payment for contributing to this project and as always copyright of the piece remains with you the Author.

A link for viewers to donate to charity will be added to the YouTube comments box. A short bio to promote your own work will be added under the film.

How to submit?

Send the 60 second MP4 file as an attachment to –  lita@litadoolan.net or if this fails due to file size please send via WeTransfer.com

Deadline: June 10th Midnight

Source: Direct Contact

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