Egbert-Rodden Awards offers $100 prize to encourage new work

LPB was contacted by the  Egbert-Rodden Writing Awards aimed at encouraging writers to create new work. You could win a a $100 prize through the Dan I Rodden Jr Play Award.

What to submit:  Plays must be at least 75 minutes in length. Subject matter is open but excessive violence, language, abusive or sexual content will be rejected. Submissions for the award must be unproduced or scheduled for production at the time of submission.

How to apply: Via this link.

Award Guidelines: The awards are not a publication or production award and no materials will be published or produced. Please understand the following before you submit.

1.      Each award carries a $100 prize.
2.      The award winner is responsible for any taxes.
3.      The author must supply a valid PayPal account for payment or the award.
4.      The award winner agrees to allow his or her name and likeness to be announced.
5.      The author of the submission affirms that s/he is the author of the piece submitted.
6.      The author affirms that the piece is unpublished or unproduced and not slated of publication or production at the time of submission.
7.      The Egbert-Rodden Writing Awards encourage the writer to pursue all avenues for publication and production while the submission is being considered. Post-submission publication or production has no effect on the award selection.
8.      Award winners who cannot be contacted or do not respond in a timely manner will be withdrawn from consideration.
9.      The judges decisions are final and they may reject a submission for any reason.

Deadline: 27 March 2017

Source: Direct contact

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