Eurodram seeking full-length plays to promote to translators across Europe

Eurodram is currently seeking new full length plays originally written in English to promote to translators across Europe.

Eurodram is a European theatre translation network covering European, Mediterranean and Central Asian languages. The network is organised into roughly 30 language-based committees. Eurodram’s main objective is promote contemporary plays from across the wider European area to theatre professionals and theatre audiences. The plays are selected through two biennial competitions.

In 2018, the English committee will select three contemporary plays originally written in English. Plays by emerging playwrights which premiered within the last five years will be considered. Fringe productions and self-produced productions will be considered alongside professional productions.

They’re specifically looking for plays by playwrights whose work has yet to reach a wider European market. The submitted play must not have been translated into any other languages or had a production in a language other than English. Playwrights must not have had their previous plays translated into more than three languages in the past. The playwright must not have had more than five productions of their plays in languages other than English in non-English speaking theatres.

Submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The quality of the play.
  • ‘Producibility’ – i.e. the suitability of the play for a wider European audience.

There is no cash prize offered but selected plays will be promoted to translators and other theatre professionals across the wider European area through the Eurodram network.

How to apply: Scripts must be submitted to Please also submit a submission form at the same time.

Full guidelines on what to submit can be found here.

Deadline: 5 January 2018 at 5pm 

Source: Direct Contact

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