Euroscript Screenwriting Competition 2014 (£35 fee)

For the past 20 years, Euroscript has offered screenwriters the chance to win in-depth feedback on their work with their annual screenwriting competition. The Euroscript Screenwriting Competition was launched in 1994 under the auspices of the European Union’s Media II programme. Producers throughout Europe complained that European scripts were going into production too early.  In Hollywood, it was argued, scripts commonly go to 10 or 11 drafts whereas in Europe it’s substantially fewer. In part, this is because European producers do not have the funds to pay writers to develop their scripts adequately. It was to meet this need that the Euroscript Screenwriting Competition was launched.

What you get:  This year, we’re looking for screenwriters with powerful story ideas and original voices who would like the chance to win £1,000 worth of script development with one of our experienced script editors.   Every single person who enters will receive a detailed bullet point report, so you’ll get expert feedback on your submitted treatment whether you win or not.

What to submit:  Writers are required to submit a 2-page treatment of their feature film story idea, along with 10 pages of any script to demonstrate their writing skills.

How to apply:  Email your treatment and your writing sample, along with the Entry Form to 

Fee:  £35, payable through their website.

Deadline:  31 March 2014 at midnight

Source:  @Pwrightsstudio

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