Explained: How to increase your membership amount

A few of you have got in touch to tell us that increasing your membership amount is not as simple as it could be! Obviously we appreciate your support and your membership fees make such a difference in helping us to keep going! So here’s an explainer (which you can also watch in the video below):

Why isn’t there just a button for increasing your membership? Our membership and payment providers are run using software from professional companies who know what they are doing and can keep your details secure (our bunch of playwrights and dramaturgs just doesn’t cut it on this!). When you change your payment details on our website, this information is sent to our payment system and they need to know it’s really you authorising the payment  – so in short, we are limited by the features the system offers.

How to update your subscription amount: 

  • Login to the members site
  • Scroll the bottom of the homepage and click on ‘account’
  • Click on update billing info
  • Enter your new amount
  • You will then be charged immediately with the new amount and monthly thereafter on this new date
  • This will not create a duplicate membership: your old membership rate and payment date will be automatically cancelled.

Wait, I’ve already paid for the month, I don’t want to pay again, especially as I’m doing such a good deed by increasing my amount!

Exactly. Let’s say you paid your £3.63 on the 1st of the month. On the 15th, you decide to up it to £5. You’re then charged £5 immediately, this isn’t really fair since you already paid for the month. If we spot this come through, we’ll refund your previous £3.63 immediately, just in case – if you could drop us an email at contact@londonplaywrights.org this will ensure we deal with your refund asap!

Another way to get around this, is to update your amount the day before your usual payment date. This way, you won’t be charged again.

Bear in mind the payment date: if you prefer having your payments come out on pay day or the 1st of the month, we’d recommend increasing your amount on your preferred date as this is when payments will be taken going forward. If you have any problems or need to change your payment date, just give us a shout.

Any questions or refund queries, please get in touch and we are always happy to help! contact@londonplaywrights.org

Watch the explanation video here:


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