Festive Gift Guide 2017 – the best gifts for writers

Are you struggling to think of a fabulous festive gift for the writer in your life? I mean, apart from their laptop, what does a playwright even need these days? Well, look no further than our annual gift guide for writers, handpicked by the LPB team. From luxury splurges to notebooks that are almost too nice to write in to practical stocking fillers, we’ve got all bases covered. And, if you’re a writer hoping not to receive a pair of socks and a dodgy bath set this year, feel free to use this list as a subtle hint for your nearest and dearest! You’re welcome.

Also, did you know, that by shopping through the links provided in this list, you can help support LPB at absolutely no extra cost to you?  We’ve provided links to everything we’ve recommended here using the Amazon Affiliates scheme. Even if you DON’T buy the original item (and purchase something different ), if you click through any of our links to access the Amazon website, we’ll get a small percentage of the sale to help us keep running the blog, and it won’t cost you anything extra.  So if you are planning on shopping at Amazon this festive season, we’d really appreciate it if you clicked through from here first! Thanks!

Here are our handpicked gifts for writers in 2017:

1. Quality Notebooks

Ok, so notebooks feature on our list every year, but not only are they a necessity, they can also make a really great gift.  Scribbling down ideas in a nice notebook (rather than a boring  jotter pad) can feel like a real treat.

These Leather Notebooks from Luxelu London (£21.95) won’t let you down.

For some fun options, check out the NPW Spiralbound Notebook (£7.50) at the top of this section or a gorgeous and colourful selection by Notebook Love (£9.79).

And if all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a Moleskine Notebook  (£13.74).

2. Creative Pens

Another obvious choice but, stay with us here: pens don’t have to be boring. We have a particular soft spot for Cross, who helped sponsor our 2015 Dark Horse Festival in London Writers’ Week; Cross Pens (£32.98) like the one pictured above give jewellery a run for its money in the meaningful gift stakes.

And, if you don’t want to break the bank, the Parker Jotter Pens (£11.99) are available in a range of colours and come in a snazzy gift box.

Or if you’re looking for a stocking filler, these Fun Maze Pens (£2.95) make for a distracting novelty gift!

3. The greatest gift of all:
Membership to London Playwrights’ Workshop!

Want a gift that keeps on giving? Sign up for an annual membership for London Playwrights’ Workshop and have access to exclusive member benefits for the whole year. Benefits include access to our New Year’s Writing Jumpstart (details to be announced soon!), online resources, member meetups, discounted course bookings, playwrights’ book club, support from our growing online community – and you’ll also be helping to support us to continue doing great work for playwrights. 🙂

You can sign up for monthly membership via the link below:


If you’re interested in gifting an annual membership, email us at members@londonplaywrights.org and we’ll be happy to help!

4. Into the Woods (*2015 & 2016 Top Seller*)

Structure is an ongoing challenge for most playwrights, and this book provides a fascinating grounding in how to construct a story so readers can’t turn away. Combining how-to tips with helpful examples, this title demystifies the story-making process. This is one of those staples you’ll find yourself turning to time and again – the writer’s version of the gift that keeps on giving. (£6.99/ Kindle Edition £5.49)

5. Time Management – a new year resolution head start!

Since most writers also have a ‘day-job’, finding the time to write is a common a challenge. It can get even more complicated with coordinating sending out and tracking your submissions.

Ok, so you can’t actually buy time management but there are a plethora of books out there filled with hacks to help you make the most of your time, like How to Be a Productivity Ninja (£6.99). Getting Things Done (£10.99) is another great book to help with boosting productivity. A good daily planner or journal can also be really useful for effectively planning your time, we like this one by Life Up (£8.99).

6. Shakespeare Mug

Stereotypically, writers drink a lot of caffeine whilst working late into the night , ferociously typing out their latest masterpieces. In reality, we tend to use making a cup of tea as a way to procrastinate; unless of course, we could look at Shakespeare stuff at the same time, and then we’d technically still by writing, right? Maybe not, but this Picturemaps Shakespeare Mug (£10.33) makes for a thoughtful gift anyway.

7. Writers and Artists Yearbook 2018

An absolute essential for every writer’s bookshelf, this book (£17.29) has everything you need to get a piece of writing finished, and get it noticed. It’s not only packed with inspiration and guidance from experts but contains a whopping 4,5000 industry names to help you to get your work noticed.

8. Desk Decorations

Every writer dreams of a Pinterest worthy workspace and this Karlsson Desk Clock (£16.64) will add a stylish statement to any desk.

If you’re into on-trend Copper hues, why not match it with this Caveen Pencil Holder (£10.99) or this Design Ideas Letter Holder (£17.99) and create a space that is both organised and looks nice!

9. The splurge: Amazon Echo 

If you want to play music, listen to audiobooks and ask questions whilst keeping your hands free for bashing away on that laptop, the Amazon Echo (£89.99) is the gadget for you. A hi-tech addition to any desk, the Echo makes a fun and practical gift for that gift you want splurge on.

Image by Aurimas via Flickr Creative Commons

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