Follow the Lines by Olivia Pryle at the Bread & Roses Theatre

Olivia Pryle’s play, Follow the Lines will be performed at the Bread & Roses Theatre this month. Find out all about it here…

My name is Olivia Pryle and I am the writer of Follow the Lines play, a piece of writing I started working on a couple years ago with the help of the London Playwrights Blog WrAP2021 challenge. Now it’s being performed at The Bread & Roses Theatre, an award-winning fringe theatre, upstairs at The Bread & Roses Pub in Clapham which will run from 21st to 25th March.

The play is written by myself and performed by my sister, Rebecca Pryle – We are both South London based, Jewish Artists. With a trio of Queer Artists (Playwright, Director, Producer) and a female led production at the helm, we unpack Drug culture, modern dating, mental health & toxic wellness through a Queer lens.

Follow the Lines explores the world of Chloe, a gay woman in her mid-30s who spends her weekends partying. Unable to accept responsibility and face ‘the real world’ Chloe continues to follow the rabbit hole, until life starts to take its toll. Whilst she boasts about wanting to be a writer, Chloe also craves finding love for the first time and struggles with her sexuality. Soon she realises her choices could jeopardise her future.

It is a delayed coming-of-age solo show about feeling lost while the world races by, with a mixture of fast paced comedy, UK Garage and intimate storytelling.

After a sold-out show at the 2022 Clapham Fringe, we bring ‘Follow the Lines’ to its home theatre of South London, The Bread & Roses Theatre.

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