Forrum Theatre Company seeking a play for production

Forrum is a new theatre company formed by recent Acting and Stage Management LAMDA Alumni. The director is Matt Peover, a LAMDA director, whose recent credits include The Liberation of Colette Simple (Jackson’s Lane) and Powder Monkey (Manchester Royal Exchange). 

Their focus is on new, inspiring and challenging work, renewing focus on working and lower middle class drama and hoping to put a 21st century slant on a traditional repertory company.

What to submit:  In their own words:

Our actors are currently a cast of four men, playing age between 16-26, though we would be looking to expand this cast in the upcoming project, with our aim to involve women equally as soon as possible. We are hoping to tour this play next year to small and medium venues around the UK, for 6 to 8 weeks.

The types of writers and plays we are interested in are as follows: Boys / Eight (Ella Hickson), Brilliant Adventures (Alistair McDowall), Jumpers for Goalposters (Tom Wells), Mercury Fur (Phillip Ridley), Little Malcolm (David Halliwell) and Mojo (Jez Butterworth).

How to apply:  Send submissions into James Downie at  There is no entrance fee.

Deadline:  None posted

Source:  Direct contact

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