Funny Women – Comedy Writing Award

Funny Women are looking for script writers with a real flair for comedy narrative and the ability to put together a laugh-out-loud joke on paper.  Joint entries are welcome. The award focuses on new voices, meaning you are not eligible to enter if you are or have been employed as a writer or given paid commissions on a regular basis for one or more TV, Radio, Digital or Film projects.

Your script must be an original piece of work of which you are the author/s. Please do not submit work that has previously been produced for broadcast on television or radio.

  • Send your 1-2 page treatment, and 5 consecutive pages from one episode of a comedy script for television or radio. Do not send a full script.
  • Scripts and Treatments must be submitted in English and scripts presented in standard TV or Radio format. There is excellent script writing software free to download online. Refer to the BBC Writersroom for guidance on format. Please send your treatment and script as a single PDF – again there are many free packages online that will convert documents into pdfs.
  • Scripts are judged for their concept, tone, characters, plot, structure, dialogue, humour and overall marketability.
  • A panel of professional readers will select a long-list of 25 scripts which will be submitted to a panel of industry judges for the final short-list.
  • Due to the high number of entries, feedback is only offered to those who make the short-list.
  • There is no ‘right’ way of writing a Treatment, however it is recommended that you consider including a logline, short synopsis, outline of the series, character breakdowns and 3-6 episode summaries as used by BAFTA-Rocliffe.
  • One entry per person or writing partnership.  If you write in a partnership you may also submit a solo script.

Register your submission via the Funny Women Awards website

Deadline: 11:59pm on Thursday 1st June 2023

Other categories are available to enter.  For further details, visit The Funny Women Awards website.

Source: BBC Writers Room

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