Get inspired with Royal Court’s playwrights podcast

Gets inspired by the Royal Court’s Playwrights’ Podcasts which come to an end in February 2017.

Playwright Simon Stevens has been talking to 12  of our most important playwrights about their careers, lives and ambitions since December. He said:  “I have had conversations with some of the most exciting playwrights in the country. It has been a real honour. Our conversations have been rangy and lengthy and detailed and fun. I’ve asked them about their careers and their lives, their ambitions and their work. I think, collectively, they offer an extraordinary insight into how playwrights work in the UK today. I am thrilled that these conversations will be aired over the next few months.”

Podcast release schedule:

Anya Reiss – Friday 10 February

Robert Holman – Friday 17 February

Tanika Gupta – Friday 24 February

Source: Playwriting UK/Twitter RT Simon Stephens

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