Get Your Play On Podcast with LPW’s Kimberley Andrews

Get Your Play on is a podcast for playwrights and theatre makers who want to know more about getting their play produced on the professional stage. In each episode, they talk to the people who decide what gets made: from artistic directors to producers,  programmers, and theatre companies.

The podcast is a fantastic resource for writers and previous guests include Simon Stephens, Chris Foxon from Papatango and many more people who are at the forefront of UK theatre.

In the latest episode, London Playwrights’ Kimberley Andrews was thrilled to be invited to discuss our work and talk about how our community helps to support playwrights in London and beyond!

You can listen to episode online here or on all major podcast players.


2 thoughts on “Get Your Play On Podcast with LPW’s Kimberley Andrews”

  1. I have a play ‘Wedding Bells’ and monologue ‘Kenneth’ both published, plus a number of other works that I feel would work well on podcasts. I am wondering how to go about this.

    Barbara Towell


    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Hi Barbara,

      There are quite a lot of audio opportunities in the Weekly Round-up at the moment so it might be worth submitting to some of those. We’re also hoping to run our Writing for Audio course again in the Spring if that might help.

      Best wishes,

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