Get your writing noticed by TV commissioners with The Comedy Crowd’s ‘Chorts’

Comedy writers and performers – introducing a new way to get your comedy noticed by producers and commissioners.

The Comedy Crowd has launched a new platform called “Chorts!” showcasing 2 minute videos of original comedy characters.

Comedy Crowd Co-founders Jon Jayson and Peter Wright say: “The way new comedy finds it’s audience is changing, and this is creating exciting opportunities for new writers and performers.  Shows like ‘People Just do Nothing‘ and the ‘The Ladventures of Thomas Gray‘ got off the ground when their creators, who at the time were unknowns in comedy, picked up a camera and showed off their characters.

“We’ve created Chorts! so writers and performers can showcase their work and get audience feedback, and producers, agents and commissioners can find the best new talent to work with.”

To see the Chorts! visit

What you get: The best entries will be screened at the Craft of Comedy UK from 30 March to 1 April 2017, with confirmed attendance from BBC, ITV, Ch4/E4 and Sky TV comedy commissioners, amongst others.

What to submit: Any number of 2 minute videos. Free entry.

How to apply: Via this link:         If you have any questions please email

Deadline:  24 February 2017

Source: BBC Writers Room

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