Ghost Light Theatre Company – Silent Night: An evening of Christmas-themed ghost stories

Ghost Light Theatre Company is seeking original, festive ghost stories for Silent Night – an evening of chilling Christmas themed ghost stories.
The above event will take place on Saturday December 16th in Venue No.1 Theatre in Swansea.
*   5 minutes maximum per piece.
*   Ghost stories with a wintery/Christmas theme.
*  Writers own work only.
*  Ghost Light Theatre Company encourages writers to read their own work but they can work with an actor if preferred.
*  Must be available on Saturday December 16th (7pm start)
*  Seeking solo readings and monologues, could be an extract from a longer piece of work, a poem or even a true story!
*  Notes may be used on the night/script in hand or you may choose to memorise your piece.
*  Stories can be about anything festive/ghostly. Myths and legends welcome too especially with a Welsh theme. Scary, creepy, unsettling, atmospheric, contemporary or historical tales very welcome.
*  This is an unpaid opportunity, although they are happy for you to promote your own projects on the night.
* Closing date – Midnight, November 15th 2023.
Please email –
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