Global Film Industry Cafe – The Actor’s Table Script Submissions

A free opportunity for 4 writers from anywhere in the world to put their work under the microscope, exploring the scene(s) with a virtual ensemble of actors.

Following the success of their Actors Table Read 2nd Edition last November, their virtual ensemble of fine actors are ready to get their teeth into this next table read.

Writers must submit only 5 pages, in English – and it is these 5 pages that will be read at the table read if the writer is selected. They should have a maximum of 3 roles.

Prior to the Actors Table Read event itself, the 4 chosen writers will have the opportunity to rehearse with their cast. If the writer is already part of an existing writer/director team this is fine and the director can be part of the rehearsals. If a writer would like to collaborate with a director, the GFI can match writers with one of their directors. Alternatively, if the writer prefers to lead the rehearsal that is fine too – whatever works best for each writer.

Once the script is selected the writer will need to format their script for a table read format. The successful screenwriters will be contacted by a member of GFI’s team for the final arrangements before the table read.

All rehearsals and events take place online via Zoom.

Submit your 5 pages of script using this link

Find out more on the GFI website

Deadline: Entries close on 23rd February with the event being held on Wednesday 10th March

Source: BBC Writersroom

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