Goblin Baby Co. accepting short play and monologue submissions

Goblin Baby Co. are currently seeking short play and monologues submissions for their upcoming Breaking Loose Festival.

The festival aims to explore intersectionality and solidarity and will be taking part at The Bread and Roses from 18-25 February 2018.

In their words: “The battle for equality has been ongoing for centuries and diversity is much talked about these days, yet still far from being self-evident. With many movements and campaigns focussing on fighting racism, sexism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, belief-based bigotry, sexual violence, mental health discrimination and more, much has been achieved, but much has also been disregarded. White feminism, misogynoir, TERF, heterosexism, and transmisogyny are just some of the terms coined to describe the lack of awareness of intersection for many as well as lack of solidarity for others.

Breaking Loose is a new festival that aims to look at the importance of intersectionality and solidarity in this discourse and the need for these to advance true change.”

They are looking for scripts that are 5-20 minutes in length and realisable with a basic set-up and a maximum of four actors.

How to apply: Submit your play here, via the Goblin Baby Co. website.

Deadline: 11 December 2017 

Source: Direct Contact

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  1. Out of consideration for partially sighed readers it would be really good if you printed the text in black instead the grey used here for the ‘In their own words” section of this posting, which is unreadable against a bright screen.

    1. Hi Anthony, thanks for your feedback! We’re in the early planning stages of a design update so we will keep this in mind as we look at our options. Best, Alli

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