Goblin Baby Theatre seeking short plays in response to Brexit & Trump

Goblin Baby Theatre has put a call-out to playwrights and theatre-makers to respond to the UK referendum and US election results, their causes and consequences.

The performance will take place at the Bread & Roses Theatre on 12 and 13 February 2017.

All profits from the show will be donated to Women for Refugee Women.

Prompt: “The UK voted for Brexit, the US voted for Trump. The Brexit and Trump campaigns used a similar terminology around ‘taking back control’, returning to ‘greatness’ and ‘good old times’, yet behind those terms lingered a lot more extreme attitudes and claims. Many have protested the results of the UK referendum and the US election, but meanwhile acts of racism and xenophobia have been on the uprise not just in these two countries but across Europe. Blame is thrown around generously and aimlessly. But what now, where do we go from here?”

What to submit: They are accepting script and performance submissions of 3-10 minutes in length, which can be stand-alone pieces or extracts. They accept scripts from writers (with or without a team attached) as well as theatre companies wanting to submit a short performance. Only one submission per person or company is allowed, though someone may submit individually and also as part of a company.

How to apply: Applications can be made via their online form.

Deadline: 28 December 2016 at 5pm

Source: Direct contact

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