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Golden Lane Films (GLF) is looking for screenwriters to work on a unique film challenge.

GLF is asking writers to submit short scene ideas (anything from 10 seconds to four minutes). The theme of your script(s) should be SCENES IN DOORWAYS. GLF will select a minimum of two writers to create a collaborative team including and headed by GLF.

What you get:  Winning writers will get the opportunity to take part in a screenwriter’s masterclass led by an industry professional and have the opportunity to workshop their scenes with actors. The winning entries will then be woven together by the GLF team into a complete film. The writers will then see their characters realised at a screening of the final film in a London cinema towards the end of 2014.

All workshops and filming will take place in London.

Throughout the development process GLF will experiment and develop the piece as a whole. Writers should therefore understand that as the script evolves it is very likely that there will be changes to all scripts that are submitted. Scripts are a springboard for the collaborative piece and applicants should be open to fully embracing this.

Script development will start mid-September 2014 and will continue over a three-week period. The schedule will be flexible, but applicants should bear in mind that they will need to be largely available during this time.

What to submit:  This is a low budget and experimental project, so please keep this in mind when writing your short script.

The judges are looking for team players who keep it simple. GLF is experimenting with a new process and we need writers who are able to make bold choices whilst remaining flexible to the needs of the project.

You can submit as many scene ideas as you like. The GLF team is entirely open to ideas: scene length, number of characters (zero to five), location, dialogue (if any), decade, language, etc. are all up you. The only requirement is that the scene takes place in a doorway.

How to apply:  Applications are made through the IdeasTap brief.  (Note: You will need an IdeasTap profile to apply.)

Deadline:  29 August 2014

Source:  Arts News e-newsletter

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