Handle with Care – Writing with and for Vunerable Groups (Workshop with Jennifer Farmer)

Jennifer Farmer’s next workshop tackles the subject of writing with and for vulnerable groups. See all the details below:

  • Date: Saturday 21 May 2016
  • Time: 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Days of Week: Saturday
  • Course Code: WR16312
  • Subject: Words and Ideas
  • Level: ADVANCED
  • Tutor: Jennifer Farmer
  • Max students: 12
  • Number of Sessions: 1
  • Status: Available/A
  • Cost: £60.00 to £80.00

Theatre is often the forum in which the voices of the marginalised are heard. But when working with vulnerable people’s personal stories, do writers have a responsibility to tread carefully? To whom, if anyone, are we accountable? Handle With Care explores the challenges and moral dilemmas that arise for writers working with vulnerable communities and sensitive material and offers practical ways in how to creatively engage with the material while striking a balance between artistry, truth and responsibility.

Have a question? Send an email or  call on: 020 7392 9200

Date: 21 May 2016
Source: direct contact

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