Has LPB impacted your writing? Share your story!

We’re absolutely thrilled to have launched our celebrations for the fifth anniversary of London Playwrights’ Workshop.

Since we’re based online, there are many of our readers we never get to meet, so it would mean a lot to hear from you – and also provide great momentum for the next stage of our journey.

How to share:

There’s a few ways you can share your thoughts!

  1. Tweet us at @LDNPlaywrights using the hashtag #5yearsLPB
  2. Email us at londonplaywrightsblog@gmail.com
  3. Respond here – pop a sentence or two in the form below and click submit!

What to send us:

You can share with us whatever you’d like, but if you’re looking for a few suggestions:

  1. Describe LPB in 3 words
  2. Write a sentence or two how LPB has helped your writing
  3. Share a photo – we love images! This could be of you / your writing space / a production of your work  – whatever feels right to you.*

We’re going to be collecting these together to share in a blog post as part of our celebration festivities – but if you’d rather your post stay private, only for the team, just note this and we’ll be happy to respect this.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Deadline: 5 March 2018

*We don’t yet have the capacity to accept photo uploads on the website, so best to send these via Twitter or email.

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