Hat Trick Productions seeks comedy scripts for ‘Your Voice, Your Story’ initiative

Hat Trick Productions (creators of Have I Got News For You, Father Ted, Outnumbered, The Revolution Will Be Televised etc) are launching their new ‘Your voice, Your story’ initiative which aims to help emerging or underrepresented writers get their work presented to broadcasters.

They are seeking talented comedy writers from all backgrounds who are yet to work within television to send them a full comedy script. Six writers will be selected to take part in a unique workshop at Hat Trick Productions later this year. From this workshop, at least one writer will be chosen to have their work filmed for a 10-15 minute taster tape which will be pitched to broadcasters.

In their words: The type of material we are looking for will be original, funny, personal and have great potential for growth, with the project itself aiming to provide access, training and a collaborative framework for new diverse talent.

How to apply: Send full scripts to yourvoiceyourstory@hattrick.com

Deadline: 31 August 2017

Source: Direct contact

6 thoughts on “Hat Trick Productions seeks comedy scripts for ‘Your Voice, Your Story’ initiative”

  1. I checked the Hat Trick site and there’s nothing I can find about their open call for full scripts. Do you know if there’s a minimum length required for submissions for this? Are they looking for a certain age range or background for the emerging writers?

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Hi Ron,
      From the information we were given by the organisers, it seems they are welcoming submissions from writers of all backgrounds, with no specifications on age. They are looking for full length comedy scripts for television and the standard length for these is usually 30 minutes but if you have any queries, we’d recommend contacting Hat Trick using the email address provided.

      Very best of luck!

  2. Thanks, Kimberley. By the way, I enjoyed the workshop held by A.C. at the Bush, a couple of weeks ago. The get together afterwards was also enjoyable.

  3. I entered this initiative via the Your Voice Your Story email address, but received no acknowledgement of my entry. When I followed up with an email to their office, I got a very blunt reply back from Hat-Trick saying that they don’t accept unsolicited material and only read material submitted through agents. There was no mention of the initiative. I sent them the link to this blog post, but have received no reply. Any chance of finding out what happened?

    1. Hi Fishycol, Sorry you had this negative experience – we’ll get in touch to see if we can find any answers, because we suspect you aren’t the only writer wondering what might have happened here! Otherwise, sad but true (as I’m sure you’ll know) in some competitions and opportunities they only get in touch if they’re interested in having more contact with your work at that time, and a response isn’t guaranteed.

  4. Hello,
    Did anyone ever hear anything?
    I wrote something specifically for this and it’s frustrating to think that it probably wasn’t even read.

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