Heads or Tales? Monthly Scratch Night (Scottish & Irish Writers)

Heads or Tales is a new Theatre Scratch Night in London brought to you by Slàinte! Theatre Company.

We are Slàinte! Theatre, an Irish and Scottish new writing theatre company based in London. We want to bring more authentic voices to London Theatre in terms of both the work we create and the creatives we work with.
At our scratch night, writers will present two scenes from a piece of work: their first scene and their last. As a theatre company, we focus on representing Scottish and Irish Voices and would ask submissions for work to reflect this. As writers will showcase their beginning and ending scenes, we will accommodate time after each performance for the writer to engage with the audience, allowing them to ask questions, gain feedback etc.
Be prepared for minimal lighting, simple black box stage and no backstage. This is also an unpaid opportunity, with the hopes of creating a new community here in London.
We are still seeking stories from writers who are Irish and Scottish or of Irish/Scottish heritage. We are looking for pieces that already have creatives attached to them (I.e Directors, Actors etc.) but we may be able to source people if requested.
Our Monthly Scratch night will be held at MAP studios in Kentish Town on the last Wednesday of every month.
Please email us on slaintetheatre@gmail.com if you have any questions!
Find out more here. 
Deadline: monthly

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  1. Thank you for posting this opportunity! Could we please change the Title to include Irish writers too?

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