Hidden River Arts Playwriting Award (Pennsylvania USA, $1000 prize, $17 entry fee)

An annual prize of $1,000 from Hidden River Arts, a literary arts organization in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will be given in the following categories: (1) to the best unpublished short story or novel excerpt (2) the best unproduced full-length play.

Eligibility: Submissions are welcomed from from writers in English anywhere in the world.  Any previously unpublished and unproduced full-length play is eligible. (And yes, full-length musical plays are also accepted!)

What to submit:  The full script should be submitted, along with a synopsis and character breakdown. Any scripts submitted without the synopsis and breakdown will be disqualified. Each submission should include a brief bio of the author and a completed application form.

(Musical submissions should include either a sound file, sent to hiddenriverarts@gmail.com, or a CD mailed to Hidden River Arts, P.O. Box 63927, Philadelphia, PA 19147. The music should be clearly marked and identified so that we can attach it to the appropriate submission.)

How to apply:  Please submit all required materials through our online submission program at: https://hiddenriverartssubmissions.submittable.com/submit

Submissions should be clearly designated to ”Fiction” or “Drama” as Word documents, text, or in pdf.  Be sure that you include ALL required materials and proof of payment.  We will NOT contact writers who have not included all materials; the submission will be disqualified.

When submitting through Submittable, please be aware that the program allows only ONE manuscript upload; it will be necessary that you create a file that includes all required materials to upload into one document.

What you pay:  $17 entry fee, payable online with your application.

What you get:  The winning play will receive a $1,000 prize.

Deadline:  30 June 2014

Source:  @KateScottWriter

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    1. Hi Walter – you’ll need to contact the organisers directly if you want to clarify this, we’ve simply posted the opportunity, we’re not running it. Good luck!

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