HighTide accepting scripts for First Commissions attachment scheme

Playwrights always remember their first commission. For most it’s the first time they are paid properly for writing. It affords their time to work at being an artist.
First Commissions is HighTide’s attachment programme for writers. Over the course of 18 months (freelance / part time), five playwrights will be mentored in:
* Making an application to Arts Council England for funding.
* Writing a new stage play, with structured dates for delivering drafts.
* Producing two rehearsed readings in professional theatres.
* Engaging a director to collaborate with.
* Engaging an established playwright to mentor and act as dramaturg.
This opportunity is only open to writers aged 30 and under who have not had a professional commission, defined as “one involving a professionally drawn up, legally binding contract for an original piece of more than 75 minutes in length.:
How to apply:  You’ll need- 

– A completed online application form (see Apply Here tab)

– A completed Equal Opportunities Monitoring form.

A one page answer to the following three questions;
– Who are you?
– Why do you want to take part in First Commissions?
– What will your First Commissions play be about?
“Applicants are also asked to submit a 4 page extract of their playwriting. We advise applicants to choose a piece that is a good demonstration of their work. But wherever possible we encourage writers to draw their extracts from within a pre-existing full length or short play, rather than to write a standalone piece for this application. We are looking at your dialogue, action, pacing and plotting, and from experience have found the best examples have come from extracts taken mid-way through a play”.
See the full details here.
 Deadline: 14 February 2016 at 6pm
Source: HighTide website.

5 thoughts on “HighTide accepting scripts for First Commissions attachment scheme”

  1. I think it’s worth mentioning that this opportunity has an age limit (30 years).

    I’m not bitter at all *Grumble, grumble*

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  3. Doc Andersen-Bloomfield

    Spent a frustrating amount of time, attempting to submit my script electronically on the High Tide Website. Every time I finally submitted, the words came up in red that only numbers were allowed in the contact field, which is exactly what was in that field. Each time it refuses to accept, all the uploads disappear and I had to start all over. Did this seven times. No joy. Any advice?

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