Ideastap editor’s brief: new beginnings

The good ship IdeasTap is still heading for a watery grave – however, circumstances have changed a bit. We’re going to be open for a little while longer and, when we do finally sink beneath the waves on 8 July, we’re still hoping to be able to help the UK’s finest creative minds – through funding, competitions and mentoring. Find out more here.

So, seeing as we’re staying (a)live for a little while longer, it’d be rude not to run one more Editor’s Brief.

The theme for our last LAST dance is “new beginnings.” The birth of a new babe, the dawning of a new day, a maiden voyage – it’s entirely up to you how you interpret the theme.

Submit your creative work on the theme – whether that’s writing, visual art/photography, audio or video. Have as much fun as you want – as always, we’re looking for originality, talent and creativity.

The Editor’s Brief is open to all ages and disciplines, and there are three categories that you can apply for. There will be a first (£250), second (£100), and third (£50 each) prize in each of the following categories:

  • Audio and video (no longer than two minutes)
  • Writing (no longer than 1,000 words)
  • Visual art/photographs (no more than two items)

Please note that you can only apply with one entry to one category.

How to apply: submit your work through IdeasTap

Deadline: 29 June 2015

Source: IdeasTap Creative Briefs

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