Ideastap Workshop – Introduction to Short Film Screenwriting

Through the workshop Introduction to Short Film Screenwriting, 20 IdeasTap members will have the chance to attend two screenwriting workshops designed to take you through the mechanics of short film scriptwriting. The workshops will be held in London on 20 and 27 November 2013 from 6pm to 8pm. They will be led by Sheena Bucktowonsing (Soho Theatre Writers’ Centre, Script Factory, Kindle Entertainment).

First, Sheena will strip back the process and look in detail at how you turn your idea for a short film into a satisfying story. She’ll go through basic narrative structure and make sure that you have all the building blocks of a great short film. Then Sheena will tackle the details of genre, tone and style. You’ll look at how to set up the world and the characters of your story quickly and effectively, and how to use visual metaphor and motif to ensure you make the most of this visual medium, as well as some tips on how to present and package your script.

These sessions are for writers that want to write a short film script for the first time. You might have experience in writing other forms but have never had a short film script produced. The sessions will be practical and involve writers developing their ideas from one session to the next.

How to apply:  You will need to apply through your Ideastap profile.  You can access the event page to follow the brief and submit your application:

Deadline:  11 November 2013 at 5pm

Source:  Ideastap

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