International Arts Studio seeking research associate

International Arts Studio are seeking a voluntary research associate to help in the cataloging of plays long forgotten, and tracing plays and writers, many whose work was refused under Lord Chamberlains licence.

In their words: “We are starting  a multi-output initiative exploring  plays refused a licence under the 1737 – 1968  Theatre’s Acts.

The role requires a number of tasks to be undertaken. The first task is to finish off cataloging all plays  that have been traced, ones that have been definitively refused a licence. You will then be required to  investigate the remaining correspondence boxes at the National Archives, spotting any discussions of plays being considered and refused, then following up on these leads.

The second task will be to trace plays and playwrights  from 1945 – 1968 that were refused a licence. This will lead to the next phase which will be to meet up with a number of participants and conduct interviews about their experience of the Theatre’s Act. (This is a longer term project –  outside the scope of the current work, although you  will be welcome to get involved.)

There is no set number of working hours required, and no contractual obligations.

How to apply: To find out more details about the role, and how to apply, please email

Deadline: 31 July 2017 

Source: Artsjobs 

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