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Into  Film is an organisation that puts film at the heart of the educational and personal development of children and young people across the UK. They support teachers and educators to achieve a wide range of effective learning outcomes in their use of film. Their programme includes a network of extra-curricular film clubs, resources for use in clubs and in the classroom, training opportunities, a cinema-based film festival and annual Awards.

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Feedback from their Into Film Club leaders suggests that they would like more support from filmmaking professionals, along with clear instructions and guidance on how to make a film. As such they would like to commission several filmmakers to provide this support in the form of a downloadable Filmmaking Resource Pack, which will be hosted on the Into Film website (see their Resources section).

There are two elements to what they would like to commission:

  • Stage 1: filmmakers or filmmaker/ writer/ storyboard creator partnerships will be tasked with writing an original short (1 to 3 minute) screenplay (including a full script, storyboard and shotlist) suitable for their audience of all young people aged 5-19. They want to commission films that inspire all young people, to engage in filmmaking and express their unique voice, so all submitted screenplays must feature positive representation of young people from BAME groups and/or young people with disabilities and/or facing social disadvantage.The script should include a record of each shot that would feature in the completed film. The shot suggestion should be included within the script alongside the shot number and shot type throughout, in greyed out (faded) text, and should change at every point at which each shot changes. Shots listed within the script should correspond exactly with a matching storyboard and shotlist. Conversely, the storyboard and shotlist should include the line of script/dialogue corresponding to the shot to ensure each document is very clearly linked, even for a primary school aged audience.

    Suitable screenplays will be hosted on their website for Into Film Club leaders and educators to download, with the aim of using that screenplay as the basis for creating a short film. Given the age range of their audience, the screenplay would need to include appropriate language and themes for these young people and include locations and settings which all young people could realistically access.

  • Stage 2: Up to 3 scripts from those submitted will be selected to be fully realised alongside additional resources (for example rushes, additional and different takes and sound effects etc.) to support Into Film Club leaders and educators. These assets will be compiled into a Filmmaking Resource Pack and again hosted on the Into Film website. The assets will be available to allow pupils to re-create or re-edit the film in different ways.

Fees: the commission fee for Stage 1 will be up to £600 for an original screenplay, shotlist and storyboard. Up to an additional £400 can be claimed if a professional storyboard artist is used (on submission of an invoice from the artist’s company/organisation).

For Stage 2 you will be required to submit a budget breakdown and can apply for up to a maximum of £4000. If you already have a 1-3 minute film that may be suitable these will also be considered.

How to apply: Download the full commission brief as a pdf file and send expressions of interest via this webpage

Deadline: 17 September 2018 at midday

Source: BBC Writersroom

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