Introduction to Playwriting with Covert Firmament

Event Summary

A six session online writing course for those beginning their journey in writing for the stage. Each week covers a distinct aspect of the craft and you will take away knowledge and techniques to get you powering through that first draft and beyond. Guest speakers will provide insights along the way.

Event Description

Dan Horrigan of Covert Firmament will lead a six session playwriting class that prepares you to generate ideas, identify your core question and premise, create original dynamic and arresting characters, craft a structure that serves your ideas, write distinctive dialogue and develop your voice, organise scenes that propel the action, craft stage directions that are intrinsic to the storytelling, develop tactics for redrafting, and work with feedback (the writer director dramaturg relationship). All of this will take place within the context of dramatic action and an awareness of writing for live performance.

Complimenting the workshops will be a series of guest speakers who can provide insights on the craft and technique of the staging and delivery of drama.

Sessions will be 2.5 hours and take place at 10am on Saturdays. Delivery will be varied with exercises alongside a lecture style delivery. The guest speakers will be in conversation and will take questions. Participants will also be able to investigate their work through a dramaturgical process.

The sessions will be especially useful for those who have an idea for a story they need to write but will also benefit those who are searching for their story. As long as you feel you want to have a go at writing for the stage and are looking for a place to start we are here to help you.

At the end of the sessions you will be prepared to write but the sessions are not designed to tell you what to write. The sessions are designed to open pathways and networks in your imagination, to offer practical applicable advice and techniques, and give you the best possible launch pad. We are very much interested in preparing you. Its your story your journey and your destination. We provide the map, co-ordinates, and compass.

Places are limited. Teams is the platform. The cost is £60. We actively encourage underrepresented writers and discounts are offered where there is need.

Event Overview

  • Event Title: Introduction to Playwriting with Covert Firmament
  • Type: Training
  • Date: Sat, 2nd Dec 2023 to Sat, 13th Jan 2024
  • Location: Remote

How to Book

Email to reserve a place. We’ll then have a series of quick and easy questions to exchange in order to gain some insight into where you currently are in your playwrighting journey and you can enquire into what you are signing up for. I’ll also tell you about my work and experience.

Date: starts 2 December 2023

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