Jo Smith Productions open for submissions

Jo Smith Productions is a theatre company dedicated to providing a springboard for undiscovered theatre.

Jo Smith is a self-published playwright and actress and understands how difficult it can be to get your work out there without the backing of an agent or publisher…and so Jo Smith Productions was born.

“Open all year round for submissions, Jo Smith Productions will produce three shows per year performed by our fantastic group of actors. We promise to read all scripts sent to us and respond to all of them as soon as we can. If we are able to produce the scripts, we will contact the writer with our proposed date, venue etc. If your work is performed by us, you will receive payment and as much promotion as we can muster! For more information on all that jazz, visit our Submissions page.”

Guidelines (in their own words):

We are open all year round for submissions by unrepresented playwrights. We only accept submissions by e-mail and will respond as soon as we can.

We produce three shows per season; a comedy, a straight play and a “wild card” – a Christmas show, dinner theatre etc.

We prefer full length plays but would consider one act plays if they are suitable for our group. Unfortunately we do not currently accept musicals or scripts aimed for children (with the exception of Christmas shows).

To submit a script, please e-mail:

Deadline: rolling

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