Kinkyfish seeking submissions for production at Edinburgh

Kinkyfish is looking for the next exciting new writer to collaborate with and bring some exciting new work up to Edinburgh for the 2018 fringe. They have had 2 successful shows at the Fringe and looking for a third hit.

What they are looking for: 

  • A play of 45-50 minutes
  • New writing which has not been performed at the Fringe
  • They are open to themes but looking for exciting voices with something to say

So if you  have an idea that needs developing or a script ready to go, they want to hear from you. They will endeavour to read and feedback on every submission.

How to apply: Please submit your script or idea with an extract or sample of your writing along with a brief biography to:

Deadline: 31 January 2018

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group

1 thought on “Kinkyfish seeking submissions for production at Edinburgh”

  1. Hello KINKYFISH. This NYC based writer read your posting with great interest. I am prepared to submit a provocative piece. A brief description follows:

    After the drug/drink induced crash kills the French coke whore during her mobile fellatio and demolishes his sports car, the young and decadent urban achiever will soon learn that youth can be ‘wasted on the young’.

    Will you consider an American playwright who is happy to travel to the UK/Edinburgh for the project? Incidentally, I have lived in London and performed as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Please advise. Many thanks.

    Michael Swiskay

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