Last Word Theatre seeking LGBTQ identifying female playwright to develop a piece of new-writing

Last Word Theatre are seeking a LGBTQ identifying female playwright to develop a female LGBTQ focused piece of writing.

In their words: “We are very open to ideas and keen this should be lead by a writer’s tastes. We aim to develop a funding application to R&D the idea or script and then hopefully grow to a full production. The writer would be paid for this: the exact amount tbc but we intend to pay the creatives involved close to equity rate (£458) and would budget for the writer to be equally compensated.”

They are looking for writers to submit either an existing piece of work, or treatments for ideas writers would like to explore. The R&D period would be 5 days with a maximum of 3 actors so please only submit ideas that would be feasible under this model. They will then follow up and discuss individual projects and aim to be writing the application by the end of November.

(Last Word Theatre is led by Stephen Bailey who trained at LAMDA, is mentored by Giles Croft (The Kite Runner), is Assistant Director for Squint Productions and is currently working on The Busy World is Hushed at the Finborough Theatre.)

How to apply: To apply, send your play or treatment  to

Deadline: 20 November 2017 

Source: Direct Contact

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