Lemon House require scripts on sex and intimacy for night of rehearsed readings

This opportunity is currently on hold, please do not submit. 

Lemon House are hosting a night of rehearsed readings called Behind Closed Doors at an East London theatre on 8th June, showcasing work by writers of underrepresented genders (this includes cis women, trans women, trans men, non-binary people, and those who are otherwise marginalised).

This is an opportunity for writers to see their work staged through script-in-hand performances, with the chance to receive feedback by an audience, and take part in the creative process. The theme for this night is all about sex, bodies and intimacy. They are looking for pieces that are asking how much have important conversations around sex really opened up – are we actually more liberated? Or just finding new ways to take issues with our bodies?

To give you more of a sense of the night, they will also be involving the audience, having a confessions board, making the event interactive and also a fun, chilled night where audiences feel at ease to open up & chat.

What you’ll receive:

  • Dramaturgical support on your script

  • A live performance of your work

  • Audience feedback

Work requirements:

  • Involve 1-4 actors, but could be multi-rolled

  • Be complete scripts of 10-15 minutes in length, or extracts from longer pieces

  • Be written in English (but may contain other languages)

How to apply:

Send your play along with a short bio about yourself, including why you’d like to be involved in the night, to lemonhousetheatre@gmail.com

Response to Coronavirus: The scratch night is currently scheduled for 8th June and we are in conversation with the theatre about whether the night will go ahead on this day or happen at a later date. We will keep applicants informed of any changes to the night that may happen.

Deadline for applications: 5pm 6th April   Currently on hold.

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