Letterbox Productions seeks writer to take 1 hour play to Edinburgh Fringe (paid)

Letterbox Productions work so far has consisted of collaborations with new writers to explore contemporary issues. It is now looking for its’ next writer to write a 1 hour play for it to take to the Edinburgh Fringe this August, to be performed at ‘The Space, North Bridge’. The winner will receive £300 for the full script.

Letterbox says: “All our scripts have been based on unique, individual stories which has pushed us to find innovative ways of storytelling. We are inspired by character driven plays which bring us back to the importance of human experience and understanding.

“Our latest project,  ‘Zips’, was written by Simon Marshall and premiered at the Bikeshed Theatre in Exeter this January. The piece used direct address, cross-cutting and storytelling to relay a very modern crisis – where do you find love when it’s not looking for you back? We are now excited to return to Edinburgh with a new story to tell!”

What to submit: 

Brief for play: It’s hard to break into the working world at 21. Danny has a dream to work at The Times, but how is he going to achieve that if no one speaks his language? Letterbox Productions wants to collaborate with a new writer to create a piece of theatre that asks whether British Sign Language should become a language we all learn.

Cast Size – 5 (1/2 boys & 3/4 girls)

Themes: Perseverance, Discrimination, Ambition, Communication

Narrative Style: Character driven and colloquial. Moments of comedy. Pertinent observations of human interaction

Letterbox would like the script to offer moments where sign language could be used and therefore space for silence.

How to apply:

  • Email extracts of your writing, even if its just chapters/scenes and any experience of them being performed
  • If Letterbox feel you are right for this project, they will then invite you for a meeting to further discuss the project
  • Letterbox asks for regular extracts of the script in development to be sent to us before final the draft

Deadline for full script 10 May 2017

Source:  Arts Council jobs

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